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Digitalize Your Sops With UTrakk’s Knowledge Center

UTrakk Team
Digitalize your SOPs with UTrakk's knowledge center

Establishing standard operating procedures is an important milestone towards operational excellence. Digitalizing them is the next step.

This is now possible and easy with UTrakk's Knowledge Center, a powerful tool for the digitalization of your standard operating procedures.

In this article:

What is a standard operating procedure (SOP)?

A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is a written document that details an organization's work guidelines and best practices step by step.

Standard operating procedures help:

  • Document an organization's operations in a detailed and formal manner;
  • Systematize processes by standardizing them;
  • Ensure compliance with organizational, industry, and government regulations;
  • Clearly define the roles and responsibilities of each person for a better distribution of time and tasks;
  • Make the work environment more productive;
  • Shift to continuous improvement.




Why digitalize SOPs?

Far from a simple change of medium, digitalizing SOPs implies a further step into optimizing an organization's operations.

Indeed, eliminating friction points and increasing performance and quality of service are key in the digital transformation of organizations for a transition to 4.0. This is achieved through the automation and centralization of activities, communications, and so on, thanks to technological tools.

Actually, the approach has a lot in common with the Lean principles in its essence.

Digitalizing SOPs allows organizations to:

  • Map business processes
  • Dematerialize documents and eliminate paper
  • Secure data through controlled access
  • Centralize information and make it accessible to everyone who needs it
  • Facilitate the updating of processes and work instructions
  • Avoid misinterpretation with clear materials
  • Achieve greater team agility and versatility
  • Increase employee and manager autonomy
  • Accelerate the integration of new employees and managers

Many tools can be used to digitize SOPs. Depending on the organization's needs and technological maturity, various solutions may be of interest.

Say farewell to paper and go digital with the UTrakk Knowledge Center



UTrakk's Knowledge Center - Digitalizing SOPs for team performance

Always evolving according to its mission to centralize all essential tools for better performance management, UTrakk now includes a Knowledge Center module to digitalize standard operating procedures.

With this new module, designed in collaboration with a panel of advanced users, UTrakk enables the digitalization and consultation of all procedures, work instructions, and best practices of an organization in one click.

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Documents can be grouped by workstation for a centralized, comprehensive resource accessible to teams.

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Knowledge for performance

Knowledge management is a major challenge for companies seeking to remain competitive. Indeed, processes evolve rapidly and teams must be equipped to maintain their assets.

Digitalizing knowledge allows for greater agility with the ability to train and inform more employees in less time, thus reducing the impact of labor shortages.

A simple and easy way to gain efficiency

UTrakk's Knowledge Center makes it possible to digitalize documentation that usually lies dormant in binders to keep it alive and up to date.

This allows organizations to turn knowledge into digital work instructions and bring them together in one place :

  • Basic operations
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Work instructions
  • Micro-lessons
  • Troubleshooting tips
  • Technical data sheets

UTrakk allows teams to create their procedures and work instructions in a step-by-step mode and dynamize them by integrating images and videos.



UTrakk's Knowledge Center enables the creation of step-by-step procedures and work instructions and the integration of images and videos.


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A 360° tool to improve the performance of managers and their teams

With complementary modules such as the Assistant, the Field Tour, Project Management, the Knowledge Center, and many others, UTrakk is the most complete tool on the market to assist, equip and help managers progress in their roles and responsibilities.

The multi-platform tool is developed in collaboration with user managers to meet their actual needs and to help them better manage performance through digitalized best practices and facilitated collaboration.

UTrakk allows managers to:

  • Plan tasks and priorities
  • Conduct Gemba Walks and audits
  • Identify gaps, implement action plans and monitor projects
  • Manage meetings and collaborate as a team
  • Make informed decisions using dashboards, reports, and analysis
  • Bring your continuous improvement culture to life through coaching and KBIs.



UTrakk optimizes managers' daily work


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UTrakk Team

UTrakk Team

UTrakk helps managers multiply the impact they create in their role to improve both their company's performance and their employees' work experience. UTrakk encapsulates Proaction International's 17 years of continuous improvement consulting experience into a digital tool to take the managerial orchestration of organizations to another level.