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Professional Resolutions: Well Equipped to Achieve Your Goals

UTrakk Team
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New year, and time to make some good resolutions! On a person level: do more exercise, eat better, reduce your carbon footprint… and on a professional level: don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by events, be more structured and thorough, unleash your inner leader…

Wonderful! By February, however, this new-found motivation is already waning, and we soon forget about our resolutions until next January 1st. Does this sound familiar?

So how can you stick to your resolutions?

The key to creating and sticking to good habits is discipline and rigor. But this is easier said than done. So how do we do it?

Recommended read: the book The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg is an interesting read, as it explains what habits really are and how to adopt better ones.

6 quick pieces of advice

To cut straight to the point, here are some commonly used tips for both your personal and professional lives:

#1. Set yourself goals—preferably SMART goals

#2 Make the desired behavior part of your routine

#3 Set yourself reminders and give yourself encouragement

#4 Advertise them to family and friends, for two reasons:

  • Tricking our brain into going from “I think I’m going to do it” to “Let’s do this”, to actually doing it.
  • To build a community, no matter how small or large, to help you stay motivated.

#5 Track your progress in a specific way

#6 Equip yourself with the right tools

If your resolution involves a new activity, you may need to acquire sports clothes, storage bins, etc. But let’s think more specifically about tools to help you stay on track, stick to your good habits and achieve your goals, namely apps.

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Apps: for putting your resolutions into practice

With the culture of multitasking and the massive role that digital technology plays in our lives, our memory and attention span are no longer enough. That’s why the best tools are already at our fingertips on our indispensable smartphones!

But how can an app help you stay on track?

In addition to being practical because it’s handy and preferably simple to use, an app can help you establish and maintain good habits through accountability, self-awareness and results.

(These principles are also presented in an interesting way in another recommended read: Better Than Before, by Gretchen Rubin.)


As an external entity linked to desired behaviors, some apps are particularly effective because they give people who find self-discipline hard (and there are many of them!) the helping hand they need.

The fact that you are paying for an app can also motivate you to use it because you want to see a return on your investment.


Notifications and reminders can help in several ways: they prompt you to think about actions to be taken, and they put a bit of pressure on you, because the only reason not to take action is because you consciously choose not to do so.

Simply interacting with an app can also be motivating. Just think how satisfying it feels when you check off items on a to-do list.


Receiving data (statistics, results, trends, etc.) can be very motivating. Indeed, when simple goals are achieved over a considerable period of time, the desire to keep the momentum going and to see the application extend the period of success can be a particularly effective motivator.

If we can see how well we’re doing, we can also see that there is still work to be done. Having a clear picture of our performance can also motivate us to work twice as hard when needed.

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UTrakk Assistant – the super-manager’s tool

Let’s come back to our professional goals: to be less reactive and more proactive, more structured and thorough, to stand out through our leadership, etc. These aren’t just wishes, they are real goals that can be achieved with the right behaviors and tools.

Imagine having a super-assistant with you at all times to help you stay on track. An ally who makes you accountable for your own success and gives you the tools to get there. Now we’re talking.

UTrakk Assistant comes to the rescue by offering managers comprehensive support so that they are always proactive and in control of the situation.

With precision and agility

The Assistant is more than just an agenda: in it, the manager’s day is a well-oiled machine of interconnected meetings and actions to improve the performance of the individual and the company.

  • Always aware: With all the relevant information about a meeting at your fingertips, as well as a record of topics covered and related activities, it is easier than ever to stay up to date for more productive meetings and daily actions carried out in full awareness of the desired impact.
  • In control of the situation: The Assistant allows you to see your top priorities at a glance. Each action also includes a status in the form of a percentage of completion so you can clearly see your progress.
  • Ready to take action: quickly create tasks and assign them to people in charge, who receive a notification, giving impetus to efficiency and tracking.
  • Ahead of your time: don’t let your ideas for continuous improvement fall by the wayside. The Assistant allows you to create Opportunities to make them happen at exactly the right time!

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All bets are off

The findings are clear: adopting and sticking to good habits is first and foremost a question of attitude and behavior. But to be in a winning situation, it is vital to be adequately equipped.

Choose the tools that make you accountable for your success, that help you to be aware and actively involved, and that allow you to track your performance so you have a clear picture and can be proud of your efforts.

Let’s see next year who will be renewing the same January wishes and who will be ready to raise the bar another notch.

UTrakk is betting on you.

UTrakk Team

UTrakk Team

UTrakk helps managers multiply the impact they create in their role to improve both their company's performance and their employees' work experience. UTrakk encapsulates Proaction International's 17 years of continuous improvement consulting experience into a digital tool to take the managerial orchestration of organizations to another level.