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Le Goupe Maurice: Motivate and Retain Talents by Focusing on the Leadership Development of Managers

Adeline de Oliveira
LE GROUPE MAURICE – Destination Leader Program

With the goal of always standing out as an employer of choice, Le Groupe Maurice called on the expertise of Proaction International to implement a leadership development program for its managers at all levels, both in the residences and at the head office.

With its Destination Leader Program, the company aims to mobilize and retain employees, but also to improve management skills in order to increase performance.

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Human-centered objectives 

Human-centered objectives - Le Groupe Maurice with Proaction International

A leader in the design, development, and management of state-of-the-art retirement residences in Quebec, Le ​Groupe Maurice creates warm and inviting living environments. ​The company makes it a point of honor to offer its occupants a caring, fulfilling, and safe environment in which each person is free to live as they wish.

Following the success of the initial two-year mandate, senior management decided to renew the program for a third year. In addition to its performance management objectives, the program is part of the company's desire to stand out in a highly competitive job market.

The leadership development process is a skill that we must develop more and more as managers in order to be able to keep our teams and motivate them.

Anne-Marie Perreault - Regional Operations Manager (Le Groupe Maurice)

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Leadership development: a winning strategy for employees and the company 

To mobilize and retain employees while improving performance, Le Groupe Maurice has chosen to support all its managers in leadership development. 

Indeed, it appeared essential to focus on action and performance to ensure the smooth running of the organization while enabling it to achieve its objectives and carry out its projects. We are talking here about operational performance, financial and organizational performance, with the idea of building a rich and solid culture with good leaders who positively impact the work environment and, therefore, the residents of the group's facilities. Everything is linked.

Leadership means empowerment, but also action and performance. An organization that values its employees, that makes its leaders grow, is definitely a more successful organization.

Chantal Beaulieu -  Vice President Operations (Le Groupe Maurice)

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The Destination Leader Program 

Destination Leader is a large-scale development project deployed in 35 residences across Quebec, with a structure of nearly 2,000 employees. It involves all levels of management, both in the residences and at the head office, for almost 300 managers—a challenge in terms of the number of participants and geographical distribution.

To address these issues and achieve the goals set, a three-year program was established with four leadership themes addressed per year, each including the following:

  • An e-learning capsule per theme for knowledge development. 
  • Dialogue circles with all managers to ensure the transfer of learning and exchange on the challenges and the different possible contexts.
  • Individual coaching with a Proaction International expert per theme. Each manager receives four coaching sessions annually to deepen the themes addressed and ensure all these managers' needs are met.

Some of the themes addressed:

  • Recognize and mobilize your team
  • Continuously develop the skills of your team
  • Make decisions and be solution-oriented
  • Give continuous feedback 

The Destination Leader Program in Figures - Proaction International - Le Groupe Maurice

Our human resources are difficult to attract. Having good leaders allows for good staff retention, while also creating a work climate that is enjoyable. Having engaging leaders who convey a culture of recognition creates stability around the staff, which also directly impacts our customer base.

Anne-Marie Perreault - Regional Operations Manager (Le Groupe Maurice)

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Improvements for the group as a whole and for residents 

With the implementation of the Destination Leader program, Le Groupe Maurice has initiated significant changes with visible results for managers, employees, and residents alike. 

impact destination leader program by Proaction International

A human approach to value and developing talents

A human approach to value and attract talents - Proaction International with Le Groupe Maurice

In addition to these significant changes, this transformation has also created a culture based on learning, self-esteem, and others, strengthening human values and thus meeting the objectives set by Le Groupe Maurice.

I discovered myself as a coach, I learned to develop this side of my personality. I was also able to see my department chiefs evolve in their team and improve themselves over the months. As a manager, this is very rewarding.

Olivier Tibika, ​General Manager of the Ambiance residence, Le Groupe Maurice

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Adeline de Oliveira

Adeline de Oliveira

Writer and editorial manager for about 15 years, Adeline de Oliveira is passionate about human behavior and communication dynamics. At Proaction International, she covers topics ranging from Industry 5.0 to operational excellence, with a focus on leadership development. This expertise enables her to offer insights and advice on employee engagement and continuous improvement of managerial skills.