A new community to take full advantage of UTrakk DMeS

MONTREAL, December 11, 2020 – Management leader Proaction International has officially rolled out the UTrakk Community. Launched in 2014, UTrakk DMeS draws on more than 15 years of Proaction International’s experience supporting the performance of organizations by offering the ultimate tool for high-performing managers, and it is now more interactive and proactive than ever.

This advanced Daily Management System has until now included the Floor tour, Collaboration and Coaching modules, allowing managers to stay in control of their time and to better understand and carry out their activities, in addition to developing their skills. With the UTrakk Community, managers can now access a library of valuable information and will be able to help each other learn how to take full advantage of this tool.

The Community includes a knowledge center that users can consult to familiarize themselves with UTrakk and become more proficient in using the tool thanks to short clips and tutorials. This interactive community provides members with the opportunity to ask each other questions and share best practices and their experiences using UTrakk. In this way, they contribute to building a database in the form of questions and answers or themed discussions which they develop and expand through their collective knowledge.


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“There is a proverb that says we move faster alone but go further together. With UTrakk Community, collaboration enables managers to move faster and go further at the same time. ” – Antoine Drapeau-Perreault, Partner and CEO for North America at Proaction International.

As this community offers a single platform for users to find and exchange information on how to use UTrakk, they have an incredible evolutionary tool at their fingertips to help them grow both as users and as managers.

And in the event of changes within a company, such as the arrival of a new manager, a reorganization or a retirement, the Community makes the transfer of knowledge about the system quick and easy.


About Proaction International

At Proaction International, we firmly believe that people will always be the driving force behind the performance and competitiveness of organizations, and that the right technology is essential to achieve these goals. Our unique approach, used on three continents, concentrates on developing management maturity across organizations and achieving gains at human, operational and financial levels. Our experts support teams with coaching and training, the optimization of their tools and processes, as well as digitalization through the implementation of our UTrakk DMeS application which favors good management behaviors.


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