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UTrakk, the Smart Management Platform Made in Quebec

Proaction International
UTrakk DMeS Digital Management ecoSystem by Proaction International

Quebec-based Proaction International, a leader in the management and improvement of individual and organizational performance, has officially rolled out UTrakk. This revolutionary digital management tool developed five years ago is now available in its second version, UTrakk DMeS. More comprehensive than ever, UTrakk simplifies management and productivity expertise and has a new option for addressing key issues in today’s economy: competitiveness and operational performance. Previously available only to Proaction International clients, it is now being offered to all companies.

Available on iPad, iPhone, and the Web, UTrakk is a digital management ecosystem that strategically equips managers on a daily basis to support them in their role. The tool—the only one designed to address the critical issue of management organization—has features for boosting manager productivity, clarifying organizational structure, centralizing and standardizing action plans, and measuring management behaviors.

UTrakk is the result of more than 15 years of experience in coaching and consulting across Canada and worldwide,” said Antoine Drapeau-Perreault, CEO Americas, at Proaction International. Over that time, we discovered there was a lack of technology for organizing management—and this drove us to develop the solution. Our entire model arose from a co-creation, design thinking approach, and we’ve developed it collaboratively with our clients.”

The UTrakk ecosystem greatly improves accountability and flow between managers and their employees, both technologically and on a human level. It has many benefits: In addition to systematically improving operational, managerial, and financial performance, it equips managers to maximize their impact. It also increases profits and stimulates decision-making.

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UTrakk is the first and only platform that connects and aligns all hierarchical levels in the same database,” said Drapeau-Perreault. The result is easier decision-making, a broader vision, and unified management. For example, by using UTrakk, one of our clients has eliminated six hours of administrative work per week and now uses that time to create value for his company.”

In UTrakk’s first five years alone, nearly 200 organizations and 4,000 managers have used it, generating no fewer than 83,000 company improvement action plans.

UTrakk adds depth by structuring information, meeting management, and action plans,” Drapeau-Perreault explained. This makes it easier to resolve issues on the ground. Opportunities quickly lead to concrete action, which speeds problem-solving and boosts team commitment and motivation.”

The experts at Proaction International support organizations throughout the process of implementing the application and well beyond. A demo is available to help pinpoint a company’s needs. The tools for creating compliance audits can then be customized to reflect each company’s specific situation. Training workshops, coaching, and technical support are also available.

Thanks to UTrakk, Proaction International is strengthening its support for managers of organizations in Canada and around the world with a solution tailored to the pressing challenges of the 21st century.


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Proaction International

Proaction International

Proaction International relies on people, equipped with appropriate technology, as the driving force behind the performance and competitiveness of organizations. Proaction International's experts offer support based on coaching and training of teams, optimization of tools and processes, and digitalization of management via the UTrakk DMeS application, which promotes good management behavior.