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[WHITEPAPER] Industry 5.0

Jean-Philippe Raiche
Whitepaper: Industry 5.0

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Industry 5.0 is not only about automation and robotics but also about creating new jobs and ensuring that people remain central to the production process.

We live in an era of increasing automation, where machines take over human tasks with human tasks with a minimum of manpower. However, a new industrial revolution is on the horizon, aimed at improving the lives of workers through technology rather than replacing them with robots.

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In this Whitepaper you will find:
  • Industry 4.0 overview
  • Industry 5.0 and the next phases of the industrial revolution
  • What is Industry 5.0 and how it will change your business model
  • The 3 pillars of Industry 5.0
  • How to move to Industry 5.0
  • Industry Management
  • What Industry 5.0 can do for your business
Jean-Philippe Raiche

Jean-Philippe Raiche

Partner – Strategy and Development A partner at Proaction International, Mr. Raiche holds advanced degrees in mechanical engineering and quality. As an expert in the effective integration of performance and excellence best practices, he has accompanied more than a thousand companies in America and Europe over the past two decades, in addition to giving conferences and contributing to several publications about quality and performance.