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Desjardins Capital and Siparex Invest in Proaction International to Support the Company’s Expansion in North America and Europe

Proaction International

Montreal, December 1st, 2021 – With a projected growth of 40% over the next two years, Proaction International now has the means to achieve its ambitions after welcoming Desjardins Capital and Siparex, via the Transatlantic Fund, as new minority shareholders.

With activities in 16 countries, Proaction International has implemented over 1,000 performance process improvement projects, as well as coached and trained more than 15,000 managers. Its human-centered approach, focused on the application of proven management concepts combined with its digital management application UTrakk, have enabled Proaction International to position itself as a leader in performance management for manufacturing and service companies in Canada and abroad.

With nearly 17 years’ experience supporting major clients such as LDC, Bombardier, Bonduelle, Intermarché-Mousquetaire, ISS, Airbus, Savencia, ABB, Textron, DHL, Panasonic, Cargill, and Smurfit, Proaction International is widely recognized as a leading and innovative firm providing impactful consulting to companies in Quebec and around the world.

Catching up

The pandemic has exacerbated the issues of labor shortages, employee retention and mobilization. Even prior to the pandemic, Quebec-based businesses suffered a lag in terms of productivity and competitiveness when compared to its peers, accelerating the urgent technological shift. The need to develop management skills and refine behaviors is still one of the biggest challenges for organizations, despite the technological catch-up in recent years. This is where Proaction International’s coaching and support approach and its UTrakk management application become so relevant.

Equipping managers for the 4.0 era

After the launch of UTrakk in 2015, the DMeS version was released at the end of 2019, drawing on Proaction International's 15+ years of expertise. UTrakk DMeS is a technological platform that consolidates all the necessary tools into a single application so managers can fulfill their roles effectively: agenda, active supervision, performance gap identification, prioritization of actions and opportunities, project monitoring, coaching plan, knowledge center, performance indicator scorecards and much more. The functionalities are available in mobile and web versions and make it possible to digitalize the way managers work and to closely monitor resource performance and development. The UTrakk DMeS solution already has thousands of users in several hundred major companies in Canada, the United States and France.


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Looking ahead

Well established in France since 2009, where it already generates more than 40% of its revenues, and with more than a hundred mandates in the United States, Mexico and Asia, Proaction International is now accelerating its growth in Quebec, North America and Europe. The contribution of Desjardins Capital and Siparex comes at a pivotal moment for the company, which is innovating with its unique combination of 360º management consulting services and the most advanced management technology on the market.

Our technological development, in conjunction with our service offering aimed at developing and retaining managers in the context of a pandemic and labor shortages, allows us to mobilize our clients' teams and optimize their performance, which makes our business and mission even more relevant today.

Denis LefebvrePresident and Chief Executive Officer, Proaction International

Creating collective wealth

While many equate optimization with staff cutbacks and reduced working conditions, Proaction International's objective is to help companies enhance the value of their employees and management teams. To do so, communication structures are implemented that allow for a two-way flow of information: bringing issues from the employee on the floor to the CEO, and also communicating the vision of senior management to the teams on the ground in order to ensure stakeholder alignment. The result: a common vision and a collective movement towards success that benefits everyone.

More than ever in modern organizations, people at the heart of performance

The Transatlantic Fund invests not only in a company but also in a team of high-level professionals and programmers. The team members are based in Quebec, France, England, Belgium, and the United States. They work tirelessly to help managers achieve operational excellence.

The investment by Desjardins Capital and the Transatlantic Fund in Proaction International is an excellent example of our strategy to partner with successful companies in order to accelerate their international development. Proaction International relies on a solid team of consultants and a digital transformation approach with UTrakk to digitalize the role of managers, which is very innovative.

Marie-Hélène NoletChief Operating Officer, Desjardins Capital

Proaction International's positioning is exactly in line with the type of outstanding SMEs from Quebec or France that the Transatlantic Fund, managed by Desjardins Capital and Siparex, wants to support. Proaction International is already enjoying great success in France and we are delighted to support the company in further accelerating its transatlantic development

Bertrand RambaudPresident, Siparex Group

About Proaction International

Founded in 2004 and a leader in performance management, Proaction International is a technology and consulting company with several subsidiaries, all with the common objective of improving the performance of individuals and organizations. Firmly human-centered, Proaction International's philosophy has been proven time and again in SMEs and multinationals in 16 countries. As a source of inspiration, a builder of long-term relationships, an employer par excellence, and a symbol of an ideal, Proaction International contributes to the improvement of the world's economy. Proaction International's head office is in Montreal in the famous former Club Saint-Denis building, and it also has offices in Toronto, Miami, and Paris.

About Desjardins Capital

With over 45 years of experience, Desjardins Capital's mission is to promote, support and retain SMEs in Quebec. With assets under management of $2.8 billion as of June 30, 2021, Desjardins Capital participates in the sustainability of over 610 companies, cooperatives and funds operating in various business sectors and from all regions of Quebec. In addition to helping to maintain and create thousands of jobs, this component of Mouvement Desjardins provides entrepreneurs with access to a vast business network to support the growth of their companies. For more information, visit the website.

About the Siparex Group

The Siparex Group is an independent French private equity specialist with around 4.0 billion dollars of assets under management, distributed between its equity in large companies and SMEs, as well as subordinated debt and venture capital under the XAnge brand. Siparex covers the entire French territory as well as Italy (Milan), Germany (Munich), Benelux (Brussels) and Canada through a transatlantic co-investment fund in partnership with Desjardins Capital, a private equity subsidiary of the Desjardins Group.

About the Transatlantic Fund

The Transatlantic Fund has over $120 million under management and is jointly managed by Desjardins Capital in Quebec and Siparex in France. It makes it possible to co-invest in French and Quebec SMEs to support their plans for expansion across the Atlantic.

Proaction International

Proaction International

Proaction International relies on people, equipped with appropriate technology, as the driving force behind the performance and competitiveness of organizations. Proaction International's experts offer support based on coaching and training of teams, optimization of tools and processes, and digitalization of management via the UTrakk DMeS application, which promotes good management behavior.